SG 7

SG 7

SG 7

Extended Table Seat and Guide Machining System

The SG7 is a compact, fast, and accurate machining system which allows the user to gain optimal centering and minimum concentricity. Outer spindle support bearings are adjustable over the whole length of the bearing area, similar to high precision boring bar design. The Heavy thick wall machine castings and precision machining during the manufacturing process give excellent chatter free valve seat cutting. This machine has greater work capacity than the SG5 model, while still being a condensed machining system and a great fit for any workshop.



- Spring free tooling

- Rottler/Van Norman patented tolling system

- Quick change spherical drive system

- Variable spindle speed control 


Working Accuracy

- Valve seat roundness: 0.0001” (2µm)

- Valve seat concentricity: 0.0003” (6µm)

- Surface finish: q(0.8-1.25 µm) Ra


Recommended Accessories

- Choice of tilt/roll over fixture

- Spherical adaptor bubble/vial level

- Three angle inserts, edge honed and sub-zero treated for longevity

- Live and fixed carbide pilots

- Concentricity gage

- ALL types of tooling and fixtures for ALL seat and guide machining applications


Technical Specification

Maximum cylinder head size: 31” x 10” x 6” (787mm x 254mm x 152mm)

Spindle stroke: 5.500” (140mm)

Spindle speed: 100 - 500rpm

Spindle tilt: ± 15 degrees

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